5 creative ways businesses are advertising during COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has caused major disruptions in the advertising world. As this crisis affects everyone in different ways, remaining sensitive to all potential customers’ situations is challenging.

It’s important to keep capturing the attention of anyone who still needs your business right now, in whatever way you’re able to serve them. If you’re looking to come up with clever advertising strategies to reach customers living the stay at home life, the following examples might inspire you.

Lowes’ #BuildThanks advertising campaign

Lowes is one of the larger retail stores that has had the good fortune of remaining open throughout the pandemic. As an essential business, Lowes continues to sell products that help people maintain the home they’re stuck in. But instead of showing off the things it has to sell, Lowes is dedicating its advertising efforts to thanking frontline workers.

Lowes has committed $170 million to coronavirus relief and is asking customers to make and show off DIY thank you signs. They’ve even built a campaign around #BuildThanks. It’s a campaign that doesn’t compel people to spend money on products, but instead compels them to spend their time at home thanking modern-day heroes.

If your business already serves the work from home lifestyle and doesn’t need to advertise new products or services, consider dedicating your advertising to positive messages like this. Let your products speak for themselves and use this time to build your brand’s image.

J.P. Morgan is proud to be working from home

This commercial, highlighting J.P. Morgan Financial Advisors showcases how its employees are continuing to serve customers from home. The spot shows advisors utilizing their home office setups to work with customers. 

This example shows that your messaging doesn’t have to center on your customers. You don’t just have to talk about how your products or services can suit the work from home life. Showing that your employees are operating from home allows you to lead by example.

Anheiser Bush advertising hand sanitizer production

Anheiser Busch is one of the countless alcoholic beverage companies dedicating their production chain to creating hand sanitizer.


This is a great example of repurposing products that aren’t as essential in the world we’re currently living. Perhaps your business has the ability to rework cloth supplies into facemasks. Anything that allows you to fill a demand that every customer has during these times. 

Coca-Cola gets creative on social media

The world of social media advertising has always allowed for more creativity and unique messaging. Coca-Cola came up with the idea of handing over the keys to its Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to health and welfare groups.

Scrolling through the brand’s Twitter page, you’ll exclusively find retweets from organizations like The American Red Cross, United Way, and The Salvation Army. The company admits that its reach is best used to spread important messages from these groups right now. It’s a humble move that is surely creating powerful positive-will with customers for the Coke brand.

The takeaway for businesses here isn’t that you need a massive audience to spread positive messages, it’s that selflessness is more important than ever. Any move you can afford to make that tells customers you care more about a good cause than selling products, will elevate your brand.

Old Spice makes an old advertising new again

Old Spice got creative and efficient by repurposing old content in a way that supports stay at home efforts. 

This ad, featuring Terry Crews was actually filmed and ran years ago. But in lieu of getting Crews back for a new commercial shoot, they simply had him record new lines which were then dubbed over the original video.

This advertisement keeps on-brand with the tongue in cheek style Old Spice has been pushing for years, while addressing the important message of staying home.

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