2021 is on the horizon and there is no better time than now to make sponsorship plans. COVID-19 has affected
Newspaper/print advertising or social media advertising? While social media is climbing the ranks, the newspaper seems to remain steady and
Reusing old content has become more valuable than ever in 2020. On top of that, there’s no better time to
Social media has become a dominating platform with 3.2 billion users worldwide. Facebook and Instagram making up a large portion
COVID-19 has caused retailers across the globe to shift to a heavier focus on digital sales. Lockdown restrictions may have
November 15, 2020, starts with sunshine and smog rolling over the hills of the Stono Ferry Racetrack. Clouds pushing through bringing
Digital Marketing
What is ‘Digital Marketing’?  If you’re a business owner, you hear this a lot.  In short, digital marketing is the
Charleston's Choice is the community-based award that customers use to show love and support for their favorite local businesses. The
If you have any experience running multiple ads on Facebook or Instagram through business manager, you probably think the process
social media advertising: facebook vs instagram
The year 2020 has shown us that social media advertising is here to stay, and that allocating your budget to
When Apple announced it’s latest iPhone software operating system, iOS14, it went all in on privacy features. This is nothing
Having a poor onboarding experience for your customers can pretty much kill your growth and potentially your business. The first
The more I talk to my peers about how they interact with social media, the more I become convinced “Story-style”
Adapting to virtual events
The year of 2020 has brought many new challenges for businesses and uncharted territory as it pertains to virtual events.
Steeplechase of Charleston_Diamonds Direct
By, Sterling Eason, Senior Director of Partnership Development Now more than ever, consumers are gravitating to brands to hear their
As you begin or continue an automated email marketing strategy, the fear of unsubscribe rates can be intimidating. Here’s the
Customers care more about businesses that get involved in a good cause than ever before. People want to know what
As the ongoing rise of sea waters continues to threaten businesses in coastal areas, The Post and Courier decided to
SEO marketing
Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to building your brand and growing your business in 2020. As the use of
Important Email Stats You Should Know
    What is the current state of Email Marketing? Let's start unpacking this question. Before the Covid-19 pandemic began, many