The Good Cheer Fund Donates to Lowcountry Neighbors in Need

Spreading Joy Since 1927

The Lowcountry rallied again this year to help those in greatest need by donating $417,908.31 to the Good Cheer Fund. Those funds will be distributed to The Lowcountry Food Bank, Salvation Army, Star Gospel Mission, Association for the Blind, Catholic Charities, Carolina Youth Development Center, and Charleston Leadership Foundation.

Established in 1927, the Good Cheer Fund has raised a total of $11,018,981.14 since its inception. Every year, the campaign launches the Sunday after Thanksgiving and ends Christmas Day, with the final listing published on December 31. Principal funding comes from individuals and local businesses that respond to newspaper articles written during the holiday season. The Good Cheer fund represents all that is good, charitable, and generous in the Lowcountry. 

This year, donations ranged from a few dollars to $35,000 from the employees at Blackbaud. Notably, not only did businesses lend their generous support, but many of their clients made donations in their honor, or in honor of their employees. Here are just a few examples:

  • In honor of Charleston Financial Advisors, LLC From Grateful Clients
  • In honor of Elvita at Elvita’s Day Spa on Coleman Blvd.
  • In honor of Rita at Bernice’s Salon on King St.

Of course, individuals and community organizations were represented as well, such as:

  • Bill and Cheryl Clair donated over Thanksgiving for their nine beautiful grandchildren
  • The Society for the preservation of Spirituals
  • The Village Birthday Group in McClellanville
  • The Mash Supper Club

Contributions can be made in a variety of ways from honoring a loved one, in memory of someone special, in lieu of Christmas Cards, or anonymously. For more information, visit


The Post and Courier Celebrates its 220th Anniversary

220 Years of Commitment to the Community

Thanks to the support of countless subscribers and the partnership of local and national businesses over the years, The Post and Courier celebrated its 220th anniversary on Tuesday, January 10, 2023. 

As the South’s oldest daily newspaper, first as The (Charleston) Courier and later The News and Courier, the publication has been a staple of the community here in the Charleston area since 1803. Over the years, the paper’s coverage has included stories about business, politics, food, entertainment and local interests. It also shed light on critical public service and investigative topics, with projects including the 2015 Pulitzer Prize-winning “Till Death Do Us Part”, the Education Lab, and The Greenland Connection. Beginning in 2021, it brought to print the Uncovered series which works in partnership with 18 community newspapers in SC to reveal corruption and misdeeds among public officials.

However, this longstanding commitment to impactful journalism is not the only thing to be celebrated this year. As The Post and Courier enters this 220th year, the paper’s history and success are shared with many of the companies who also call South Carolina home. 

“Readers have relied on The Post and Courier for editorial and advertising content for years,” says President and Publisher PJ Browning. “Because of our commitment to quality journalism and our deep roots in the community, advertising in the newspaper and on our website has become a trusted and reliable investment. Advertising is a valuable piece of the content we provide and helps keep people informed of new businesses in the area, sales, and events.”

The Post and Courier has established itself as a lasting part of people’s daily lives both in the tri-county area and throughout the state. This makes the paper a valuable resource for businesses to reach potential and returning customers.

Chief Opportunity & Marketing Officer, Chris Zoeller, shares that “maintaining a balance of great, meaningful journalism alongside long-term partnerships with advertisers makes The Post and Courier an important source of value for readers and businesses alike.”

It’s a special thing to see advertisers in previous editions of The News and Courier still within the pages of The Post and Courier. Zoeller continues, “We want to take this time to not only celebrate our anniversary but also what it means for our partners.” 

What does it mean for a newspaper to last well over 200 years? This longevity represents the intertwined success of the paper and its advertisers because of the dedication to and loyalty from the public.

While the achievement of the 220-year milestone is one to be proud of, it would not have been possible without the continuing relationships between subscribers and advertising partners. For that, there is a lot of gratitude to go around – but, more importantly, an even stronger conviction of the commitment and public service to South Carolina. 

This mission will take The Post and Courier well into the next 200+ years.


Croghan’s Valentine’s Day ad in The News and Courier, Thursday, February 13, 1958


Croghan’s Mother’s Day ad in The News and Courier, Friday, May 11, 1951


Southeastern Galleries ad in The News and Courier, Friday, August 6, 1976




Post and Courier redesigned print edition

The Post and Courier Launches Redesigned Print Edition

After listening and responding to the ever-changing media needs of our readers, we’ve redesigned the Post and Courier to put our audience first.

In 2020, the Post and Courier announced a significant investment in equipment and the future of media in South Carolina with the purchase of a 2008 Goss Magnum Single Width Press. That investment is now coming to fruition, as the presses became fully operational on Sunday, December 18, 2022

“This is truly a historical moment for media in South Carolina,” said Pamela J Browning, President and Publisher, Newspaper Division. “We remain committed to continuously developing our capabilities and investing in quality journalism. The new presses position us to continue printing a quality newspaper well into the future with all the content our readers enjoy in a more vibrant and engaging design.”

Section A Content and Enhancements

Starting with the front page of the redesigned print edition, you’ll find more clarity and an enhanced table of contents that provides a quick reference to what’s inside, including a preview of the Opinion page. All section fronts have been updated to reflect the intriguing content within, and the headers guide the reader to additional information. 

Front page of the Post and Courier redesigned print edition

Introducing the TOP SC News section, which features highlights from around the state as well as lottery information. 

Redesigned Post and Courier Top South Carolina News section

The new Nation/World section will provide a quick look around the globe.

Post and Courier Nation/World section

Charleston Scene, the Lowcountry’s No. 1 choice for places to go and things to do, continues to be on the back of Section A on Thursdays.

Post and Courier Charleston Scene section

There are some additional Section A content changes of note:

  • The Weather page will take a more prominent place on page 2, with more detailed information about statewide cities in South Carolina.
  • The Opinion page finds its home in the A Section every day.
  • Obituaries will move to a more prominent position in Section A.

Section B Content and Enhancements

The Business section will run Tuesday through Sunday, with expanded coverage and a new feature, “Local Stocks to Watch.” 

Post and Courier Business section


Health will be anchored on the front of Section B on Mondays.

Post and Courier Health section

The Sports section will offer extensive coverage from around the state and beyond.

Post and Courier Sports section

Other Section B content additions include:

  • TV Listings
  • Dear Abby
  • Puzzles
  • Comics*
  • Classifieds*

*On Sundays, Comics and Classifieds are featured in Section C

Section C Content and Enhancements

The popular Food section will remain in the Wednesday edition with vibrant updates.

Post and Courier Food section

Life, Home & Real Estate, and Classifieds will now be featured together in Section C.

Post and Courier Life and Home & Real Estate section


Note that there are also some additional Section C content changes within the redesigned print edition:

  • The Real Estate section will continue to appear on Saturday.
  • The Comic section remains in your Sunday edition.


Putting Our Audience First

These enhancements are one way we are putting our audience first, listening and responding to the ever-changing media needs of our readers. Please feel free to share your feedback at




Small plant blossoms to indicate audience retention and growth

How The Post and Courier is Investing in Marketing to Grow and Retain Audiences

The Post and Courier is always looking for innovative ways to reach new audiences to deliver the news that matters most to South Carolinians. With an ever-evolving digital transformation and rapid expansion across the state, we’re leading the charge in several ways.

First, The Post and Courier is investing in reporters to expand coverage across current markets in Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Spartanburg, North Augusta, Myrtle Beach, and Hilton Head, as well as new markets in Florence and Rock Hill. In addition, The Post and Courier is building a new state-of-the-art printing facility that offers modern and efficient printing to serve our readers and commercial print customers. But behind the scenes, as a versatile multi-media company, we’ve also been investing in our marketing to ensure quality journalism and to meet the needs of local businesses that want to reach our valued audiences.

“Most people might consider The Post and Courier as a legacy media company that has covered Charleston for 200+ years, but really as we transform toward a future in digital and grow our audiences across the state, we really consider ourselves as a 200+-year-old start-up,” said Chris Zoeller, Chief Opportunity and Marketing Officer.

“And to achieve these efforts, we know we need to invest in building a team that can focus on a variety of marketing initiatives to grow and retain our audience. Our readers trust our journalism and advertisers want to be aligned with our readers.”

Paid Digital and Print Audience Growth

As part of the strategy, Claire Linney, a long-time The Post and Courier employee, was named Audience Director, where her main responsibility is to grow paid digital and print audiences. 

“I love being a part of our creative and fun team! We are a fast-paced, idea-generating group and it’s a great culture to be a part of,” said Linney. “I find it rewarding to be a part of a team that is collectively working together to support our community with impactful news.”

Previously, as Associate Director of Audience Growth and Acquisition, Linney focused on a growth plan for print subscriptions and adequately used the resources available to her. For example, Linney and her team were able to sell over 100 print subscriptions at Summerville’s annual Flowertown Festival, which shows there are several new opportunities for subscriber growth.

“I am looking forward to being a part of our overall subscription growth, we are on a positive trajectory, and looking forward to being a part of the growth to come,” said Linney.

Also a part of the acquisition team is Digital Marketing Manager, Kelly Krammes. Krammes comes to The Post and Courier from the TV news side of the industry and has over a decade of experience marketing to local audiences and sharing the important work journalists are doing in these areas.  

“The Post and Courier is a storied brand with an excellent reputation in South Carolina and beyond,” said Krammes. “I’m a passionate consumer of news and am proud to work for a brand that is well-known in the industry for providing impactful journalism.”

“It’s our responsibility to make data-driven decisions to best serve the readers and subscribers who invite The Post and Courier into their homes via our digital and print products, while also reaching new audiences. I’m thrilled to join this team of collaborative marketers as we continue to make strategic decisions by honing in on the information we have about our consumers, and news consumers in general, to keep our digital marketing approach agile and relevant.”

Subscriber Acquisition and Retention

But what happens after a new subscriber is acquired? Retention Marketing Manager, Mary Fox, comes in to help onboard and retain new subscribers to make sure they are getting all of the content and benefits of being a Post and Courier subscriber.

In her former role as Subscriber and Donor Engagement Specialist, Fox worked closely with the rest of the digital marketing team to acquire subscribers but saw a gap where new subscribers did not receive the same attention as potential subscribers. 

My strengths are experimenting with different tools and resources to build engagement—and therefore, retention—through messaging our subscribers as well as fundraising campaigns,” Fox said. “I’m happiest trying new things or trying things in a new way to build our retention efforts. I like researching what other companies are doing outside of media/newspapers to see how we can implement that at The Post and Courier. I also am super driven to achieve the goals of keeping subscribers engaged and building our fundraising to benefit future special reporting projects.”

This growth in acquisition and retention extends to the rest of the team as well, with a complete team of seven marketing professionals in the Digital Marketing Department, including Linney, Krammes, Fox, two Newsletter Editors, a Subscriber and Donor Engagement Specialist, and Marketing Coordinator.

Each of these professionals has several ideas for data-driven, creative campaigns to continue branding and marketing The Post and Courier across the state, and to continue to reach new audiences with the quality journalism that is known to come from the reporters at The Post and Courier.


About Our Team 

Claire Linney, Audience DirectorClaire Linney, Audience Director

Audience Director, Claire Linney, has been with The Post and Courier for nearly a decade and through this experience has a strong grasp on the holistic approach of the paper in acquisition and retention. Linney enjoys looking at the big picture and the overall goal of the business, and in this position works closely with the digital marketing team to reach their goals.


Kelly Krammes, Digital Marketing ManagerKelly Krammes, Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager, Kelly Krammes, comes to The Post and Courier with a decade of experience in news marketing, working at 11Alive News, the NBC affiliate in Atlanta. Her main goals in this position are to create avenues to reach new audiences to be able to share The Post and Courier with these audiences.


Mary Fox, Retention Marketing ManagerMary Fox, Retention Marketing Manager

Retention Marketing Manager, Mary Fox, has been with The Post and Courier for almost two years and in that time has created and refined several acquisition and retention campaigns for subscribers and donors to the organization. In this role, Fox has created several retention strategies, including an onboarding series for new subscribers, subscriber-only contests and events, and reaching out to these audiences whenever there is breaking news.

Why You Are Not Reaching The Right Audience

As any good business owner knows, your audience drives your success. Why? Because without an audience, you are not selling anything. Therefore, you do not have a business.

It is a simple equation that even the best entrepreneurs and business savvy individuals miss the mark on.

So, why are you not reaching the right audience?

Your Content Falls Flat

Content is key. So, why is your content not everything?

Perhaps you pour a significant amount of money into content creation, but you still are not seeing the results you desire. It may be you

r messaging.

Does your content reflect your business? Does it tell a stranger everything they need to know to entice them to engage with your advertising or business?

Your content should tell a story without overwhelming a potential lead.

Check out this way to be seen by 1.8 million people

Your Audience Is Not Defined

Identifying who you want to sell to is going to benefit your business and save you money overall.

If you do not have a defined audience, you could be overspending on advertising. Your advertising may be getting seen, perhaps skyrocketing with interactions. But the leads are minimal.

Why? The money you invested in digital advertising is being fed to the wrong viewers.

People are seeing your ad, maybe interacting with it, but a target audience was not defined. This causes Google, Facebook, Instagram – whatever the platform – to focus on one goal: spend the money it was given.

For example, Facebook and Instagram ads are great ways to reach people and grow your business in a digital space. But, if you do not identify who your audience is, target the right interests, income, area – you may be reaching the wrong people and wasting money.

Without a deep understanding of your audience and digital advertising, you are nurturing an expensive brand awareness campaign. Brand awareness is great, but leads are better.

You Do Not Know Who You Are Selling To

As a business owner, you engage with customers, know who they are, and can determine any customer’s needs. But do you know your community, the place where you are offering your services/business?

A common mistake business owners make is that, while you are passionate about your business, does your potential audience feel the same?

Take the time to research your local community. Find out the median income, are there more families or single individuals, what is the most common pastime? Questions that resemble a dating profile should be the questions you ask yourself when determining your target audience.

If you have a better understanding of who the audience is that surrounds your business, the better you can tailor content, spend your ad dollars, and grow your business.

The Post and Courier knows the community and has built up more than 250 years of trust within that community. Better yet, the community knows The Post and Courier. We have developed a trustworthy, affluent, and statewide audience over the years. With that, The Post and Courier has developed a team of knowledgeable experts that efficiently tailor your message into captivating content for digital advertising and print advertising campaigns that help you tap into THE audience.