Claire Linney Named Associate Director of Audience Growth and Acquisition

As The Post and Courier grows digital subscribers, we continue to nurture our print roots. Leading the charge is former Emerging Media Manager Claire Linney, who has a new title: Associate Director of Audience Growth and Acquisition.

Claire Linney is no stranger to The Post and Courier, and she knows the audience well. Being with the company for eight years, in three different roles that share a common goal of how to grow and reach a broader audience, Claire holds the well-rounded experience to take on this next chapter.

Starting my career in the field is invaluable,” Claire explains.“Hearing direct feedback from clients and being accountable for their success helped me understand and trust our products through a unique lens. In this role, I will have the opportunity to see our newspaper from the viewpoint of our readers and potential readers. Although the needs analysis and campaigns will be different, I will still use many of the same skill sets I built as a sales rep and manager.”

From being a digital sales specialist to a sales representative to sales manager, Claire has attained key knowledge of the importance that each aspect plays in overall growth and how to utilize that knowledge to excel. She tells us that the thing she is most looking forward to in this new role is connecting her knowledge to new creative collaborations. 

I am excited to collaborate with different teams and experiment with ideas around subscription acquisition, retention, and digital readiness. Coming from an advertising background, I love tracking data and getting creative with promotions.” 

With her focus turning to grow home delivery across the tri-county area, her past hands-on experience and successful campaigns will only strengthen The Post and Courier’s overall goals. “With the right focus, our growing market presents a big opportunity for acquisition. Lots of new doorsteps for a daily paper!” Claire excitingly tells us. 

From there, the print expansion will bleed into digital readiness and the bright future for The Post and Courier. Claire has only been in the associate director role for a few weeks and already has goals in mind. When asked where she sees The Post and Courier in the next year, she tells us: “In the next year, I would love to see our promotions and acquisition experimenting lead to a healthy growth track for print subscriptions. For myself, knowing that our efforts are leading to a more knowledgeable and balanced community is rewarding.