Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Increase traffic to both your website and physical business.

Reach your targeted audience through information-filled emails with Email Marketing!

You may find yourself receiving emails from your favorite businesses or places you have bought from before.  These emails usually contain updates on the latest sales, operation updates, and even accomplishments.

While you open, read, and click on these emails, it gives businesses a good idea of how to better tailor content to you.

Email marketing helps in increasing sales and traffic to both a physical business or a website. It is one of the many great ways Post and Courier Advertising can help you reach and surpass your goals!

Email Marketing Benefits

The Post and Courier has built a database of over 60,000 email subscribers in the Charleston, SC market — people who have opted in to receive this communication and will be more likely to engage with your message. Businesses have several different options when it comes to Post and Courier email marketing:

Full Database Email Marketing

  • Reach our entire opt-in database with your message.

Segmented Emails

  • Promote your products or services to a specific audience segment. Target any of the following audiences: food, family, events and entertainment, shopping, sports, home and garden, business, beauty and fitness.