Bicycle Across South Carolina (BASC)

The Post and Courier Presents Bicycle Across South Carolina

What is Bicycle Across South Carolina (BASC)?

Bicycle Across South Carolina (BASC) is a multi-day ride hosted by the Post and Courier.

BASC takes participants off the road and onto the scenic trails of South Carolina. Riders will experience a unique opportunity to explore state parks, off-the-grid-trails, and engage with a community of like-minded enthusiasts.

BASC kicked off its inaugural ride in September 2019. In 2020, we were lucky enough to celebrate year two with brand new routes for riders to experience a diverse look at South Carolina's landscape!

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The Ride

Cyclists can expect a variety of road and trail conditions as the course traverses rough trails, logging roads, and rural areas. On average, each day of riding will consist of at least 80% dirt surface (mostly dirt roads) and 20% pavement.

This year, BASC will be offering 1-Day, 2-Day, and 3-Day ride options with mileage ranging from 30-60 miles a day.

After a day spent out on the open road, participants can expect nightly activities; such as campfires, canoeing and kayaking, live music, local food and beer, and more! Suitable for both riders and those who just wanted to tag along for the fun.

How Can I Participate?

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How Can I Become a Sponsor?

Being a sponsor for this event presents a unique experience and lasting impression with the audience because of the length + number of touch points. This extends strong brand awareness amongst a unique community.

This event would not be possible with the support of our sponsors! If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for our 2020 ride, please complete the form on this page, or contact Alison directly at








Bicycle Across South Carolina (BASC) is an event of South Carolina Event Productions