We the Women

Bicycle Across South Carolina Presented by the Post and Courier

We the Women: Celebrating 100 years of the 19th Amendment

What is We the Women?

This August, The Post and Courier is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, August 18, 1920.

To celebrate this time in history, The Post and Courier will discuss the movement with 19 outstanding women in South Carolina.

Given the timeliness of the upcoming election, this series is dedicated to bringing attention to the importance of voting and the struggles women overcame in order to win that hard-fought right.

What to expect from this series:

We the Women is celebrating 100 years of women's right to vote by producing a 19-day video + podcast series.

  • Each video + podcast will highlight a South Carolina prominent females.  Discussions will include the historical significance and societal impacts of the Nineteenth Amendment.
  • The series will be led by Post and Courier female reporters including:  Caitlin Byrd, Emily Williams, Jenna Schiferl, and Mikaela Porter
  • Launch date is July 31st and run through August 18th.


How Can I Become a Sponsor?

Partnering with The Post and Courier for this series presents a unique opportunity for digital & print exposure. This cause-related virtual event will be similar to our "No Intermission" series.

We offer a variety of promotions and sponsorships surrounding this event, including digital & print promotion options, and multiple sponsorship tiers to fit your company's budget.

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Introducing The Post and Courier journalists leading this series:
CaitlinByrd_we the women
Caitlin Byrd

Political reporter + author of the Palmetto Politics newsletter

Mikaela Porter_we the women
Mikaela Porter

Reporter for the city of Charleston

Jenna Shiferl_we the women
Jenna Schiferl

Education reporter

EmilyWilliams_we the women
Emily Williams

 Business reporter, covering tourism and aerospace + author of the Business Headlines newsletter