February’s Star Performers

Here at The Post and Courier Advertising, we highlight our top sales performers every month through our Star Performers program. You may have already seen our Star Performers in the Inside Business section of The Post and Courier newspaper. But we’d like to give more insight every month into who our winners are and how they achieved their goals!

February’s Top Star Performer – Diane Horvat

Diane has been working in sales her entire life, having worked in various advertising sales positions around the country. She has over 15 years of experience in account management. 

She found her love for the newspaper industry through her extensive time at The Daily Herald Media Group in Libertyville, Illinois. She carries that passion through to her work today at The Post and Courier.

One advantage Diane believes print holds, is the ability to pair advertisements with relevant stories. Targeted advertising methods exist in both the print and digital space. But with print, the handcrafted and designed experience allows for this type of targeting and positioning to hold great power for audiences and advertisers alike.

She continues to see success for businesses through print advertising. She knows that certain demographics still rely and always will rely on the power of print. After recently reconnecting a client to print advertising, after they had spent time away from it, Diane says the client was astounded to see how well advertising in a paper still works.

As a well-rounded salesperson, Diane utilizes all mediums to help her clients succeed. She says she has seen clients find strong return on targeted emails, special sections, and advertorials specifically.

“I love meeting clients,” Diane said when discussing what she enjoys most about her work. “Even if something goes wrong, I’m always there to make it right. It doesn’t matter what hour it is, clients can call on me.”

Congratulations, Diane Horvat!

February’s Other Star Performers – Karen Mead & Jennifer Spigner

Jennifer Spigner
Karen Mead









We’d also like to congratulate our two other top sellers for February, Jennifer and Karen. These two sellers were also star performers last month! Jennifer sells both print and digital products and services like social media, geofencing, and digital Post and Courier website banner space.

Karen sells Post and Courier newspaper advertising space and loves seeing positive results and working toward the next goal with a business.

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