Introducing Alex Kellner: Advertising Director

We’re thrilled to announce Alex Kellner as the Post and Courier’s new Advertising Director.

He replaces Michael Chauvin who recently relocated to Louisiana. A seasoned media professional with 17 years of experience, Alex most recently served as the Advertising Director for Gannett’s Louisville, KY operation.

Alex’s career includes leading a team of advertising professionals across Gannett’s five Louisiana properties, working with national brands like RJ Reynolds, Wells Fargo (then Wachovia), and Sealy, as well as numerous regional and local companies.

Alex is also a native South Carolinian who was born in Spartanburg, got married in Myrtle Beach, and graduated from Newberry College (receiving his MBA from UNC-Greensboro).

We asked Alex to share a few details about himself, in order to get to know him better.

What makes your leadership style stand out from the rest?

I grew up with one goal in life: to play professional baseball… and I failed.  Then I got an MBA, had a rapid rise in my career, failed again.  Then I reinvented myself, rose higher, and failed again.  So, I like to think that I have taken all the things I did correctly, combined those with learnings from all the things I did wrong, sprinkled in some humor, and created a different kind of leader that has been on a roll (fingers crossed).  


Being a “native” South Carolinian, what’s your favorite part about South Carolina? Charleston??

I love the food, the people, the weather, boiled peanuts, perlot, I just feel like I am home.


Being from the Lowcountry, you mentioned growing up reading and knowing about the Post and Courier. What are you looking forward to the most now that you live here in Charleston? Working for The Post and Courier? 

I can’t wait to get out and be a part of the community.  I love working with non-profits and community organizations, “being in the room where it happens.”

We have to ask…USC or Clemson?!?! 

I have always been a Gamecock fan, we had a family parking spot at Williams Brice and those are some great memories, I am not a die hard fan though; too much losing for that.


You also shared how you and your family ditched the stationary life for the RV life, even living at Disney (so to speak!) – tell us a little about that fun experience. 

It was great, we were in Kissimmee for 30 days, New Orleans for a week, transient for a few weeks and the Keys for 30 days.  I had to work most days but hopefully, the kids will look back on it and remember how much fun they had. Who gets to go to Disney every day for a month?  My favorite part though was living on Ramrod Key and getting to fish every day.  If you have never been to the Keys, I highly recommend it.   

Please join us in welcoming Alex to the team!


****President and Publisher of The Post and Courier PJ Browning contributed to this piece.****