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Lowcountry Parent targets  an audience of moms and dads who want local information on how to plan and manage their busy lives and families. Our unique blend of stories and ideas educates, entertains and inspires our readers to be smarter and better informed parents, spouses, grandparents, friends and individuals.

Did you know?
  • Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases, including everything from autos to health care. (Yankelovich Monitor)
  • Women buy more than half of the new cars in the U.S., and influence up to 80% of all car purchases. (Yankelovich Monitor & Greenfield Online)
  • U.S. moms spend an average of $822 on gadgetry each year and account for more than half of their household’s total consumer-electronics spending. (Consumer Electronics Association)


COVER STORIES: In-depth parenting and lifestyles features to enlighten any mom or dad.
Q&A: Get to know gurus in a variety of fields, from master gardeners to life coaches, and glean their advice for busy families
MOM OF THE MONTH: Highlighting the rockin’ moms in our community.
LCP SWAG BAG: Chances to win great goods and cool outings.
PHOTO OPPS: Share your cutest family and kid photos.
FAMILY FUN CALENDAR: All the events you and your family need to know about to get the most out of living in the Lowcountry.
SCHOOL SPOTLIGHT: Highlights unique school programs in the Lowcountry.

2020 Content Calendar


When less is more: How to not overparent

Feature: Fortnite
Talking to children about racism
Sobercurious moms and why some moms drink too much
Photo Opp: Family Holiday Photos
Health and Wellness Guide


Overnight Camp Guide

Teen drinking
How to plan a camping trip for your family:
Local camp grounds, packing lists, do’s and don’ts, a good age to bring kids
Dangers and benefits of essential oils for kids
Part time work for full time moms
Photo Opp: Valentine’s Day Pics


Day Camp Guide

Holding kids back a grade:
The benefits, drawbacks and ages
Joules cigarettes and teens
Prom night safety
Photo Opp: Metal mouth photos


Teen driving safety

The birds and the bees
Family beach sweeps
Making the most of spring break at home
Photo Opp: Beach photos
Spring Fashion Feature
Home Services Guide


Mom’s Choice

Choosing the right insecticides and sunscreens for kids
Saving cord blood and stem cells
Estate Planning: Writing a will when you become a parent.
Photo Opp: Mother’s Day


When less is more: How to not overparent

Party time: Everything you need to plan a great birthday party!
Home sweet home: Cost of renovations vs. moving, family friendly neighborhoods
Phones for kids
Choosing the right nanny
Photo Opp: Father’s Day
Birthday Party Guide


Travel Issue

A walk through time: Teaching kids about civil rights through memorials by visiting local landmarks
Q&A on picking the right credit card for travel
Resort life
Doing Disney:
Everything you need to know about planning a Disney trip
Photo Opp: Disney Photo
Summer Fun Guide


Back to School Issue

Staying Connected: Communicating with your child’s teacher
Lunch box trends
Meal prep
Photo Opp: Summer Fun Photos
Fall Fashion Feature
Hurricane Guide


Baby Issue

Midwives: pros/cons, education, history of midwives
Birth control: A continuum based on age
Family Additions: Introducing another baby to the family
Q&A on miscarriages
Preschool/Daycare Guide


College Planning Issue

College Visits
Test Prep: SAT, ACT, college planning centers
Q&A, how much can you afford? College loans
Dorm Life: Decorating the dorm room
Get out to vote
Photo Opp: Teen photos
Restaurant Guide
Fall Fun Guide


Staying in a marriage for the kids: Signs to get out and signs it’s worth mending, the impact of divorce, percentage of divorces over the decades
Should you get a pet?
Let’s talk turkey: Organic vs free range, cooking methods, food safety
Photo Opp: Pet photos
Holiday Gift Guide


Experiences vs. gifts
DNA kits (often given as gifts): Talking to kids about their family tree, learning about genetic health markers Teacher Gifts: Etiquette, budgets, best teacher gift ideas
Q&A on probiotics
Photo Opp: Holiday snapshots
Holiday Fun Guide