March’s Star Performer

Here at The Post and Courier Advertising, we highlight our top sales performers every month through our Star Performers program. You may have already seen our Star Performers in the Inside Business section of The Post and Courier newspaper. But we’d like to give more insight every month into who our winners are and how they achieved their goals!

March’s Top Star Performer – Joni Brooks

Joni is a previous 2020 Top Star Performer from January! Her current work revolves around the real estate sales department. Joni and her clients know the power of print and believe in The Post and Courier’s audience. She helps her clients manage their SEM, targeted search, email and various other digital campaigns.

Joni Brooks

Joni gave a bit of insight into how she is continuing to help businesses thrive during this challenging time. “Communication has become much more targeted, so you will find the most success by knowing your audience and reaching out to them in the ways that they consume media,” Joni said.

“Communicating regularly with current clients is also important. Working with your media representative to help them learn about your business so they can make good recommendations is the foundation for building a successful advertising program that will work for your business and your budget.”

Joni believes that the importance of repetition and staying top of mind is important during an economic downturn.

“Advertising is as important as payroll; it’s a somewhat silent employee, but it’s key. Successful companies that are household names recognize that competition can quickly take over awareness in consumers’ minds; every business is competing for someone’s dollars and loyalty.”

Consistency is the key being recognized and becoming a familiar name in the long term, according to Joni. She cites the jingles for McDonald’s and our ability to quickly recognize a logo or tagline, as prime examples of the power of steady advertising. “We see it all the time and we remember what we can get from them. When we have a need, that business is the one we choose.”

Congratulations, Joni Brooks!