Introducing the Military Digest Newsletter

What came first, South Carolina or our nations Declaration of Independence? This isn’t a trick question. Approximately 100 days before our founding fathers signed the Declaration, the colony of South Carolina adopted its first Constitution. But the colony did not officially enter the union for an additional two years. 

South Carolina’s dedication to the military

A centuries-old governmental presence and temperate climate make the state ideal for military. South Carolina has 8 major military bases and is impressively the 9th most populous state for military retirees. Though these statistics are impressive, the  majority of people impacted by state military policy feel dramatically uninformed.

The solution is a news outlet that encapsulates all things South Carolina military. 

As the 6th fastest growing state in the country, our economy has benefited from the military and contracting industries here. Currently there are 55,396 active and reserve service members. And 416,666 jobs have ties to the Department of Defense.

In a state with a population over 5 million, 9.44% of South Carolinians have a heightened personal interest in our military’s state of affairs. 

Newsletter content audiences want

Up until now, these men and women have found themselves in the unique situation of existing without a centralized source of military and veteran focused reporting. The Post and Courier plans to change that. We’re launching the weekly Military Digest newsletter

Spearheading this project will be Thomas Novelly. With over half a decade of journalistic experience and several blood and non-blood filial ties to the armed forces, Novelly is well-equipped to confront the news South Carolina military personnel care about. 

Over the course of his reporting, Novelly noticed an information gap. Not only was it evident when it came to the hard-hitting stories plaguing the press, such as veteran affairs and dilapidated on-base housing, but also in the day to day happenings and locally centered stories.

Fostering a dedicated community

Readers can enjoy a touch of anecdotal trivia, namely “This day in South Carolina Military History” and a featured “Veteran of the Week” chosen from reader nominations. Through this newsletter, we can expect to have our most topical and pressing questions answered, creating a niche community connected by shared experiences, civil discourse and thought provoking discussion. 

Every Tuesday, plan to see how state leaders and their policies impact veterans, armed service members, contractors, the state economy, or even how the Citadel plans to prepare the next generation of our nation’s bravest men and women. 

Enjoy the news you need, as well as tales from days gone by, with The Post and Courier’s new South Carolina Military Digest. Sign up here.