Lowcountry Parent has provided marketing tools to help businesses promote voting to their loyal fans. We encourage you to use the short urls (bitly links) shown on this page, download and share the images to use on your social media promotions.
For more information, contact your account executive or email Misty Simons, Magazine Advertising Director.
{Click here to download 11x17 poster PURPLE}
{Click here to download 11x17 poster GREEN}
{Click here to download 8.5x11 flyer GREEN}
{Click here to download 8.5x11 flyer PURPLE}
Full Ballot: https://bit.ly/3sau8dz
Automotive: https://bit.ly/2Zu92KZ
Business & Retailers: https://bit.ly/2NISwE0
Children's Instruction: https://bit.ly/3pARLKD
Entertainment: https://bit.ly/3qFwhgX
Food & Date Night: https://bit.ly/3ay8M3U
Health & Wellness: https://bit.ly/2OXTZat
Local Shopping: https://bit.ly/3qCsSj0
Pets: https://bit.ly/3dxAEa6
Professional Services: https://bit.ly/3qBwqSD
Real Estate: https://bit.ly/3ui3FfO
School & Education: https://bit.ly/3uhWSTk