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Additional partner success stories

“Thanks so much for sharing this. We are very pleased with how “We the Women” campaign came together and thought it was the perfect match for Ashley Hall. Thanks for all of your help and I look forward to working with you again soon.”

Paula Harrell
Ashley Hall

“SAS Shoes re-opened four weeks ago after being closed since June. First print ad ran on Monday, November 23rd for a “Buy One/Get One at 50% off” sale good through December 1st. Store manager said that after the ad ran, the phone “rang off the hook!” People were thrilled that SAS had re-opened and in their same location on Sam Rittenberg. Customers recognized that SAS had been a Charleston mainstay for over 30 years!”

SAS Shoes

“Southeastern Galleries has been advertising in The Post and Courier every week for over 60 years. While our other media has seen many changes and emphasis over the years, The Post and Courier has been consistent. Today it is our major resource for advertising and every week has at least 5 major ads in color. It is always difficult to track advertising, but we can verify our results with The Post and Courier to a greater degree than any other media. We are also pleased with the support and cooperation provided to us.”

Southeastern Galleries

“Folks do still read the paper! And folks still look at the ads! PPQ is blessed to have graphic artists on our staff that does our ads but The Post and Courier does the placement and gives us the info to work with! We get results with our ads! Personally, I want newspapers to survive the “modern” age so our ads help us and contribute, however small, to the future of hard copy print!”

Diane Frankenberger
People, Places & Quilts

“We wanted to increase the sales of a particular product and commissioned The Post and Courier to come up with the best solution. They met with us and listened to us. They came up with a plan to help us reach our goals, and we have seen a return on investment from the campaign. We would recommend talking to Karen and The Post and Courier team to come up with a plan for your business.”

Pam Lowery
Relax The Back

“The book signing was a huge success! I was able to sell the 100 books I had available on Saturday, September 4th. I’m sure The Post and Courier ad and the feature in the E-Newsletter helped. Thank you for your assistance.”

Maxine Smith

“Couldn’t have gone better; literally. Everything from the tailgate set-up to the amount of PLF shout-outs to the weather; everything was great. Thanks so much.”

Mark Peper
Peper Law Firm

“We continue to advertise with The Post and Courier as it allows us to reach our target audience. My advertising representative goes out of her way to help me come up with new and engaging ways to get our message in front of this audience. We have built a working relationship where I feel like she is an extension of my marketing department and is able to make suggestions about her product that have helped us in so many ways. I can’t imagine this relationship going anywhere for the foreseeable future.”

Jamie Shearer
Liberty Senior Living