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Hendrick Lexus Charleston

Partner Success 360 - Lexus

Events help make the Charleston area special. They also serve as ways for local institutions to expand their brand and thank their employees and customers.

Hendrick Lexus Charleston served as Presenting Sponsor for The Post and Courier’s Steeplechase of Charleston at the Stono Ferry Racetrack. It gave them an opportunity to work with the community, get outside of the dealership and have fun. “What we wanted to do was to get our name out into the community; we wanted our guests to have a good time at a great event with our products there,” said Strickland.

Potential customers could see the cars, touch them, review their specifications, sit on the seats, and get a real feel for them without having to visit a showroom or talk sales. Strickland said, “We sold several cars the next week to customers who were at the event that sparked their interest.”

The Post and Courier tailors its partnerships to meet the needs of their partner and includes assets that only a media company can provide. Steeplechase of Charleston and The Post and Courier provided the dealership with what they needed—to build relationships with potential customers in an upscale market.