Partner Success 360: Hendrick Lexus

Partner Success 360: Hendrick Lexus Charleston

We all love going to the events that make the Charleston area special. It’s even better when the host is a local institution that partners with other local institutions to expand their brand and thank their employees and customers.

Hendrick Lexus Charleston served as Presenting Sponsor for The Post and Courier’s Steeplechase of Charleston, the annual March horse racing event at the Stono Ferry Race Track. The splendid all-day affair is a cornucopia for the senses, featuring food, arts and crafts, and of course, a National Steeplechase Association-sanctioned race meet.

For the Hendrick Lexus Charleston dealership, a staple of the Lowcountry community for 30 years, it’s an opportunity to offer a visceral treat in Sunday racetrack attire – “to take care of our employees so they can take care of our guests,” says Steve Strickland, the executive general manager of Hendrick Lexus Charleston for the past 25 years. “Events are so important because it gives us an opportunity to work with the community, get outside of the dealership and have fun.”

Automobile dealers have transitioned from sales organizations to customer service organizations, and with it have changed their goals and objectives. They are seeking more relational connections with consumers than traditional advertising offers, and that the traditional showroom sales discussion entails. The Post and Courier has been happy to oblige with events that bring people together for enjoyment. The Steeplechase, which is resplendent with a history dating back to 1792, provided Hendrick Lexus Charleston with a sponsorship opportunity that brings together their target market and better meets its needs.
Potential customers could see the cars, touch them, review their specifications, sit on the seats and get a real feel for them without having to visit a showroom. It gave them an opportunity to interact with company representatives under sunny skies surrounded by good smells and sights, without the pressure of being asked about buying. In a nutshell, the Steeplechase was a way for Hendrick Lexus Charleston to network.
“Working with The Post and Courier this past year at the Steeplechase – everyone dressing up, seeing the horses and just having fun, and the camaraderie – that was all so awesome,” said Strickland. “The way it was presented and the way it was set up and the way we were allowed to present our cars there was just beautiful. We sold several cars the next week to customers who  were at the event that sparked their interest.”

Hendrick Lexus Charleston has signed on for a second year of sponsorship of the Steeplechase of Charleston because they know that The Post and Courier tailors its partnerships to meet the needs of their partner, and includes many different assets that only a media company with the breadth of The Post and Courier can provide.

John A. Carlos II / Special to The Post and Courier

The Post and Courier filmed a custom co-branded video that organically put the Hendrick Lexus Charleston brand at the forefront. The newspaper wrote sponsored content for Hendrick and featured it online, in the Post and Courier newsletter, and in a special print section. It highlighted the Hendrick Lexus brand and made them a part of the event in a low-key way that portrayed them as part of the community, which of course they have been for three decades.

“What we wanted to do was to get our name out into the community; we wanted our guests to have a good time at a great event with our products there,” said Strickland. The Post and Courier hosts numerous events over the course of the year to bring Lowcountry residents together, build community, and provide branding opportunities to its partners. Says Steve Strickland, “It’s fun to team up with such a great company.”



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