Paid Press Releases – Powered by EZ Newswire

Paid Press Releases - Powered by EZ Newswire

Easily create and publish your paid press release on The Post and Courier for only $100

Create and share your business news with The Post and Courier's digital audience of more than 2 million monthly readers across South Carolina.  Your paid  press releases will appear on a dedicated page accessible from The Post and Courier homepage with a unique link that lives forever.  Read more about our partnership with EZ Newswire on our blog.

About EZ Newswire

EZ Newswire is a platform that makes it easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes to create and publish their news.  Our technology produces professional press releases in minutes with no writing or public relations experience required, while our publisher network guarantees placement to ensure the news reaches the right audience.

The whole process takes just a few minutes with three simple steps:

  • Create: Answer some simple questions and leave the rest to us.  Our technology creates professional content in seconds - no writing or PR experience required.  Or, if you have your own draft already, just copy it in.
  • Personalize: Review, edit, and personalize as needed.  Add your logo, images, and other details to your business.
  • Publish + share: Tap into our publisher network for guaranteed placement, including The Post and Courier, to reach your target audience.  Easily share your news on social media and other owned channels.

It's fast, professional, and cost effective.