Social Media Marketing

About Our Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing is delivering ads and branded content across all social media platforms. The goal is to reach customers, build followers, and boost sales.

If you use social media, you see social media advertisements every day. Social media marketing has become the trendiest way to reach and grow an audience.

Advertise to groups of people by using demographic targeting and geotargeting within the platforms. You will be able to access a larger audience than ever before!

What Kind Of Social Media Ads?

Whether it is a Facebook ad or an Instagram ad, The Post and Courier Advertising team has you covered.

Our team and in-house marketing agency King + Columbus have experience in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, Twitter, LinkedIn, Monster, YouTube, and more!

We offer organic posting and content as well as paid advertising to get your message and brand across to a wide audience. However, not all social media platforms are the best for every business! A bonus to our partnership is we will discuss which platforms will most benefit your business.


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We like the advantage of being able to shift resources each month if we find one avenue is generating higher results than another and would convey our thoughts on the return on investment.

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