PALMETTO and AZALEA Advertising

Three great publications... ONE perfect partnership

The Post and Courier partners with PALMETTO and AZALEA magazines. All three publications represent the people, places, and stories of South Carolina. Is your target audience residents or visitors in South Carolina? Advertising with PALMETTO and AZALEA is a wonderful opportunity for you to reach these people.

What makes our partnership so exciting?

PALMETTO and AZALEA are high end magazines with a mission. Serving as the authority on the character and beauty of South Carolina, they are an indulgent read for locals and tourists alike. Now with the additional resources of The Post and Courier, advertising campaigns with PALMETTO and AZALEA are more dynamic than ever before.

What are other ways to partner with us?

PALMETTO Exclusives and AZALEA Exclusives are audience engagement programs. They promote local businesses through exciting contests and giveaways. Our readers love them! Local businesses reach a wide audience of travelers and experience enthusiasts in this program.

Contact our team about PALMETTO and AZALEA advertising and exclusives.

A high quality, good looking publication that grabs your attention and keeps it. Azalea Magazine has come to play with the big boys.

- Jimmy Huggins, President and CEO, Southeastern Wildlife Exposition

We are fortunate to have such a high quality magazine devoted to our community and all the things that make it special.

- Summerville Visitor Center

I am hooked. I open Azalea and I see what I can only describe as fantastic. Lovingly put together by someone who gets us Southerners and not a publisher/editor from a far off place like NYC or Chicago. The stories and the articles have me hooked and the photo essay is one of the best slices of life pictorials I have seen in a very long time. Too often we forget the back roads and the core of our lives. I have spent a great deal of time in Charleston but now live in South GA. I fully intend on stealing this magazine and taking it home with me. Keep up the good work and when I am in town I will pillage the waiting areas of local hospitals in search of Azalea.

- Reader