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About Our Sponsored Content

The Post and Courier sponsored content attribution will align your brand with journalistic stories that impact your audience.

A partnership with The Post and Courier will help create brand loyalty through meaningful connections using sponsored and/or native content.

Your business will be associated with a credible and trusted source that is The Post and Courier.

Additionally, this prominent placement and social sharing direct traffic to your business via growth and audience expansion.

What's The Difference?

Sponsored content is designed to inform readers about a topic related to your industry without reading or sounding like an ad. This can be anything in the realm of a contest, giveaway, event sponsorship, or sweepstakes.  Our team will work with you to create the best partnership between you, your business, and any sponsored content opportunity. This is the best way to tap into our audience and utilize our reputation!

Native content is more specifically about your business, products, and services with the look and feel of the hosting media platform. Social media advertising is the most popular with a Facebook ad, Instagram ad (Instagram story), or any other paid social media item. These can sometimes get lost in the shuffle if not executed correctly. The Post and Courier is even lucky enough to have King + Columbus to aid in the development.

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"We have already signed up almost $100,000 of new clients because of your efforts (Native advertising/ Facebook campaign)."

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