Remarketing and Targeted Ads

Targeted Ads

Target potential customers throughout the web with relevant ads through data-driven optimization: demographics, geography, search intent and other online behaviors.

Search re-targeting- make an impression on individuals searching for your keywords in Google or other search engines

Site re-targeting- display ads to individuals that have visited your website with ads based off of products or services they looked at on your site

Keyword Targeting- deliver ads on websites where customers are consuming information about keywords related to your product or service

Contextual Advertising- display ads to customers on websites where the content relates to your product or service

Demographic targeting- advertise to individuals based on gender, age, annual income, and more

Geo-targeting- deliver your message in specific geographic areas – a state, county, designated market area (DMA), zip code

Geo-fencing- reach individuals based on a defined area where they are – a neighborhood, a block, an individual store.

Addressable Geo-fencing- target customers based on their residential address (this is the new form of IP targeting)

The Post & Courier staff has a winning team that listens to our needs and goes out and executes. The quality of candidates that we receive are exactly what we are looking for. By far the best results for our resources.

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