HubSpot & Research Huddles

Huddle - Jan. 27th, 2022

We covered logging calls, emails, etc. // Tracking your activities in the Sales Rep. Dashboard // Q's on Audience Slide Deck // Building Springboard Lists

Huddle - Feb. 3rd, 2022

We discussed building Springboard lists

Huddle - Feb. 10th, 2022

We discussed the Audience deck, email tracking issues, upcoming pipeline changes, and a few Q/A

Huddle - Feb. 17th, 2022

We discussed deal set-up changes, sales views, new dashboards, sales rep. permissions, sequence clean-out, and upcoming items.

Huddle - Feb. 24th, 2022

We discussed deal tracking across pipelines, lifecycle stages, MQL vs. SQL, Springboard, and deal registration

Huddle - Mar. 3rd, 2022

We went over email issues and a few rep. questions.

Huddle - Mar. 10th, 2022

We went over Sticky Note Blitz, new sequences, entering deals correctly, and discussed the Mother's Day Giveaway

Huddle - Mar. 17th, 2022

We went over contacts without associated companies, Charleston's Choice w/ Springboard, new deal workflow, and general housekeeping issues.

Huddle - Mar. 31st, 2022

We went over contact associations, keeping deal pipelines up to date, upcoming marketing emails, the Borrell ad survey, and Springboard issues.

Huddle - Apr. 14th, 2022

We went over list creation, dashboards, activity tracking, and tagging managers in meeting notes for reporting.

Huddle - Apr. 21st, 2022

We went over keeping deal pipielines current and why this is important, how to interpret and use sequence data, testimonials, and the Borrell ad. survey

Huddle - Apr. 28th, 2022

We went over keeping the deal pipelines up to date (CCP1), dashboards, and the O365 update for email tracking.