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Inside Business LIVE is a quarterly business discussion series. We explore topics directly impacting Charleston, SC and the surrounding region. The Post and Courier editorial team invites thought leaders to join the panel to discuss contributing factors and how business owners and leaders can play a role in big picture solutions.


Up Next: Health of the Restaurant Industry

This Inside Business LIVE event will cover a topic that is crucial to the Lowcountry - the Health of the Restaurant Industry. This discussion will cover the state of the Lowcountry's restaurant industry amidst Covid-19 with Food Editor and Critic Hanna Raskin and a panel of industry experts.

Date:  Wednesday, September 23rd
Time: 11:30 AM EST - 12:30 PM EST
Location:  Virtual; Receive detailed instructions & video link after reserving your seat
Cost:  FREE


Hanna Raskin, Food Editor and Critic
Emily Williams, News Reporter 


Panelists for Inside Business LIVE, Health of the Restaurant Industry

Inside business LIVE Michael shemtov
Michael Shemtov
Owner of Butcher & Bee
Inside business LIVE Nigel Drayton
Nigel Drayton
Owner of Nigel’s Good Food
Inside business LIVE Nayda Friere
Nayda Friere
Owner of Renzo 
Inside business LIVE Megan Deschaine
Megan Deschaine
Bartender and Head of Local U.S. Bartenders Guild Chapter
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