Partner Success 360: Hendrick Lexus

Partner Success 360: Hendrick Lexus Charleston

We all love going to the events that make the Charleston area special. It’s even better when the host is a local institution that partners with other local institutions to expand their brand and thank their employees and customers.

Hendrick Lexus Charleston served as Presenting Sponsor for The Post and Courier’s Steeplechase of Charleston, the annual March horse racing event at the Stono Ferry Race Track. The splendid all-day affair is a cornucopia for the senses, featuring food, arts and crafts, and of course, a National Steeplechase Association-sanctioned race meet.

For the Hendrick Lexus Charleston dealership, a staple of the Lowcountry community for 30 years, it’s an opportunity to offer a visceral treat in Sunday racetrack attire – “to take care of our employees so they can take care of our guests,” says Steve Strickland, the executive general manager of Hendrick Lexus Charleston for the past 25 years. “Events are so important because it gives us an opportunity to work with the community, get outside of the dealership and have fun.”

Automobile dealers have transitioned from sales organizations to customer service organizations, and with it have changed their goals and objectives. They are seeking more relational connections with consumers than traditional advertising offers, and that the traditional showroom sales discussion entails. The Post and Courier has been happy to oblige with events that bring people together for enjoyment. The Steeplechase, which is resplendent with a history dating back to 1792, provided Hendrick Lexus Charleston with a sponsorship opportunity that brings together their target market and better meets its needs.
Potential customers could see the cars, touch them, review their specifications, sit on the seats and get a real feel for them without having to visit a showroom. It gave them an opportunity to interact with company representatives under sunny skies surrounded by good smells and sights, without the pressure of being asked about buying. In a nutshell, the Steeplechase was a way for Hendrick Lexus Charleston to network.
“Working with The Post and Courier this past year at the Steeplechase – everyone dressing up, seeing the horses and just having fun, and the camaraderie – that was all so awesome,” said Strickland. “The way it was presented and the way it was set up and the way we were allowed to present our cars there was just beautiful. We sold several cars the next week to customers who  were at the event that sparked their interest.”

Hendrick Lexus Charleston has signed on for a second year of sponsorship of the Steeplechase of Charleston because they know that The Post and Courier tailors its partnerships to meet the needs of their partner, and includes many different assets that only a media company with the breadth of The Post and Courier can provide.

John A. Carlos II / Special to The Post and Courier

The Post and Courier filmed a custom co-branded video that organically put the Hendrick Lexus Charleston brand at the forefront. The newspaper wrote sponsored content for Hendrick and featured it online, in the Post and Courier newsletter, and in a special print section. It highlighted the Hendrick Lexus brand and made them a part of the event in a low-key way that portrayed them as part of the community, which of course they have been for three decades.

“What we wanted to do was to get our name out into the community; we wanted our guests to have a good time at a great event with our products there,” said Strickland. The Post and Courier hosts numerous events over the course of the year to bring Lowcountry residents together, build community, and provide branding opportunities to its partners. Says Steve Strickland, “It’s fun to team up with such a great company.”



Partner Success 360 highlights the accomplishments of The Post and Courier’s advertising partners in creating a holistic marketing campaign. Learn more about how our partners have tapped into the power of the Post and Courier’s full scope of products and connected with our wide-reaching audience to achieve their business goals.

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Partner Success 360: Mitchell Hill

Partner Success 360: Mitchell Hill

What do an interior design store and a newspaper have in common? They're both local and have a great partnership.Mitchell Hill, the full-service gallery and interior design shop that is quickly becoming an Upper King Street icon, advertises regularly in the Post and Courier and attributes some of its success to that partnership.  Johns Island native Michael Mitchell began his business in 2006 in New York City and opened a pop-up store in Charleston four years later. His plan was to shut down the store after 32 days, but the response was so overwhelming that he made it permanent. He and partner Tyler Hill marked 10 years in Charleston with a move up the street to a 12,000-square-foot store that is a must-visit location for art and design lovers, be they locals or visitors. 

Mitchell says the most important reason to advertise both in print and in digital products is its impact. “There is just no substitute for using the most viewed local media outlet to reach locals and tourists alike.” “We have to see feedback from our advertising,” he said. “If the advertising falls flat and it’s not grabbing anyone’s attention there’s a couple of problems there: are we providing the wrong information and the wrong photography or are we just partnered with the wrong source? Mitchell has seen all the fancy metrics that advertisers use about reach, frequency, clicks, and so on, but he uses a far simpler but more relevant measuring stick. “A lot of this is sort of shooting in the dark because we don’t know how people are reacting to things, but what we do know is when they come in and they talk about it,” he said. “Certainly with our advertising with the Post and Courier we get a lot of feedback. We get a lot of traffic off it and people come in with the ads. They do lead to sales. They lead to new friendships and new customers, which is really what we want. I can grab tourism off the street but to get to the local people, it’s the Post and Courier.”

That said, tourists like to check the local daily newspaper to get a feel for the city they are visiting, and Mitchell enjoys the fruits of that readership. “We have clients literally walk in the door with a torn ad out of the newspaper, in their hand, and some of them have said ‘I want that rug,’ or they’ll say, ‘what else do you have like this?’ That’s super positive feedback for us. That’s what we need to get from advertising and what the Post and Courier delivers.”Because the art and craft of interior design is different every day for each individual customer, Mitchell Hill must update its ads regularly. That freshness works well in a newspaper, whether print or digital because the ads are easy and inexpensive to change on a daily basis, if necessary. As a result, clients keep looking out for Mitchell Hill ads. “The benefit is people are constantly looking at our ads to see what we’ve changed,” Mitchell said. “The Post and Courier have a far reach well beyond Charleston, which most people don’t realize. With the presence of print and online, it's lovely for us to be able to share what we’re doing.”

Mitchell Hill runs print ads. in The Post and Courier every day of the week. This is an example of one of their ads.

Growing up, Mitchell read the paper for the latest news, and he still does today. It’s just the running blood and the soul of our town. It’s always been that way: it was that way when we had the Evening Post, the News and Courier, and when it evolved to the Post and Courier. Growing up here, there were always things going on in different pockets around town. We can still get that information from the Post and Courier.”

When you’re the leading source of news, people are reading, they’re engaged with the information. The newspaper can’t be on in the background or something you skip through on the way to someone’s post about their vacation. Every medium, and every advertiser, would like to have such engaged users. It’s what makes partnering with the Post and Courier so valuable to Mitchell Hill, and to hundreds of other Charleston-area businesses.





Partner Success 360 highlights the accomplishments of The Post and Courier’s advertising partners in creating a holistic marketing campaign. Learn more about how our partners have tapped into the power of the Post and Courier’s full scope of products and connected with our wide-reaching audience to achieve their business goals.

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Partner Success 360: Booze Pops

Partner Success 360: Booze Pops

“It doesn’t feel like you’re doing business, it feels like you’re just talking to a friend.” Booze Pops owner and founder Woody Norris says about partnering with The Post and Courier for his advertising needs.

Booze Pops is a family-friendly business, selling frozen treats for all ages, with some of their signature items being made specifically for adults who want to enjoy a frozen alcoholic treat. Locally, and veteran-owned, Booze Pops started with a cart on a street corner and with the help of The Post and Courier Advertising, has grown their recognition and size to three franchises.

Collaborating in digital ads, print ads, events, and local promotional initiatives have helped Booze Pops get to where they are now. “We just ask our customers, ‘where’d you hear about us’, and they tell us...and 9 times out of 10 it’s The Post and Courier,” Norris tells us.

Over the years, Booze Pops has worked together with The Post and Courier for events and projects like Steeplechase of Charleston, Charleston’s Choice, Veterans Day, My Charleston, and College of Charleston’s 250th-anniversary celebration.

Taking the opportunity to recognize our clients' differences, allows us to collaborate and create partnerships to better highlight what makes them unique. We created a sponsorship in our paper for Booze Pops for Veterans Day, as they are a veteran-owned business. “We sponsored where the veterans can send in pictures to The Post and Courier,” Norris then continued, “We’re definitely a proud sponsor.”

To The Post and Courier Advertising, your business is not just another business; your business is our business. To truly work with you, we want to understand your vision and creatively pair it with our expertise and experience. Our relationship is transparent with constant communication.

“Anybody you ask in Charleston, they’re going to know Booze Pops, and The Post and Courier definitely helped do that.”

Partner Success 360: Southern Eagle Distributing

Partner Success 360: Southern Eagle Distributing

Fun. Creative. Iconic.

These are just a few ways partners describe campaigns with The Post and Courier.

The Post and Courier has been engaging with Southern Eagle Distributors for the past decade through advertising, marketing, and events. If you have had or heard of Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Heineken, Truly, or even Natural Light (to name a few) and you live or just visited the Charleston area, you have had the pleasure of interacting with a Southern Eagle brand. 

Southern Eagle, the child company of Southern Crown Partners, is a local Anheuser-Busch distributor who helps with the distribution of popular beer as well as Lowcountry and Georgia craft beer and other beverages. 

“It’s been a great partnership,” Luke Cooper, Marketing Manager for Southern Eagle partner New Belgium Brewing explains. “Linking up with y’all [The Post and Courier] is getting our reach out there even better.”

Just like The Post and Courier, Southern Eagle has made a name of themselves in the Charleston area. Commonhouse Aleworks, New Realm Brewing, Rusty Bull Brewing, and Palmetto Brewing are just a few of the Southern Eagle brands that make it to the Sunday Funday brewery stops here in Charleston.

“What I have enjoyed the most is being able to work on such fun, creative concepts,” Southern Crown Partners Marketing Manager Katie Thompson boasts.

When Southern Eagle approached The Post and Courier with a challenge to market their latest beer, New Belgium’s Dominga Mimosa Sour, we knew we had to incorporate the “Sunday Funday” mindset to Southern Eagle’s next campaign. 

“We really tried to go above and beyond, and not just do your cookie-cutter advertising that everyone else does. We really want it to be something unique and something that we’re proud of, and I knew and trusted that, if I had a vision that The Post and Courier could help me bring it to life,” Thompson tells us about developing campaigns with The Post and Courier team.

From the desire to promote the Dominga Mimosa Sour, The Charleston Brunch Guide was born. This guide allows for restaurants across the Lowcountry to submit their brunch listing for free. New Belgium, Southern Eagle’s brand, is displayed on all Brunch Guide promotional items – the guide itself, social media ads, The Post and Courier website‘s banner ads, and even print ads in The Post and Courier paper. This sponsorship, which started with the goal of promoting a new beer, now reaches our entire audience and database.

This is one of the many ways The Post and Courier partners with businesses. We know the importance of staying with your brand and vision while incorporating our knowledge, our audience built on trust, and our expertise to develop a plan that not only works but is successful.

“Just bounce off ideas. What do you think about this, and what do you think about that. It was a lot of great communication,” Luke Cooper says while explaining how concepts come to life.

Luke Cooper is no stranger to bouncing ideas around to create a great campaign. New Belgium was the beer sponsor for Bicycle Across South Carolina in 2020.

“Supporting the community and being active, and getting out and meeting people, and working with iconic companies like Post and Courier,” Cooper tell us about partnering with events like BASC.

Concepts collaborating BASC and New Belgium included media advertising, social media, newsletters to our subscriber database, live stream mentions, posters, inclusion on the BASC site, banner ads, blogs, a Happy Hour tent at the event, Photo Booth sponsorship, and so much more. Check out the full extent of their partnership here!

Before BASC and the Brunch Guide, The Post and Courier produced a free dining guide to promote local restaurants in the spring of 2020, when many were facing challenges.  This gave restaurants the opportunity to promote their take-out options, menus, and hours of operation.  Southern Eagle immediately jumped on the opportunity to support this dining guide.

In the first few days, we had over 100 restaurants add their information to the guide, and thousands of readers using the guide to support local restaurants.  We promoted the guide in social media, email, print, and in our covid-19 section, highlighting a Southern Eagle brand throughout (Budweiser).

In all instances, events or campaigns, The Post and Courier highlights their connection to the community in major ways. In many cases, Southern Eagle and The Post and Courier both had philanthropic visions that were able to come to life in campaigns.

“I couldn’t speak more highly of digital marketing, social media, but at the same time, I truly think there is a place and an audience for print. I think there is a place for local events, and being able to encompass all of that has been awesome,” says Thompson.

Real partners find real success. 

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The Post and Courier Team Gives Back On The Day of Caring

Trident United Way is a catalyst for measurable community transformation in in education, financial stability, and health in the Lowcountry. For 20 years, Trident United Way has hosted Days of Caring, the largest day of community service in the Tri-County area. Jeannine Nash, Administrative Assistant, recalls the first Days of Caring in 2001, when The Post and Courier volunteered to help at The Florence Crittenton House for at-risk young women. “It was a good feeling knowing that we were helping those in need, and I remember how appreciative they were of our help.” Since then, The Post and Courier employees have participated in Days of Caring each year, helping numerous non-profits and centers across The Lowcountry.

This year, The Post and Courier volunteered to help The Navigation Center. The Navigation Center serves individuals and families experiencing homelessness by connecting them to services and housing. We were tasked with repainting the building exterior. Our 16 volunteers picked up our brushes and paint buckets, and by the afternoon, the task was completed. The goal was to make all who come to the center feel welcome, and giving the exterior some love certainly made a difference. Matt Ojala, Deputy Director of The City of Charleston Department of Housing and Community Development, wrote a note when he saw the completed project:

“Thank you and your team for all your hard work today. You all did a tremendous job. When I swung back by The Navigation Center this afternoon everyone I spoke to were singing the praises of The Post and Courier.”

THANK YOU to all of our volunteers, including Jake Buck, Daniella Fisher, Andrew Fleet, Reid Griffin, Jocelyn Grzeszczak, Alex Kellner, Grace Lardear, Stephen Massar, Amos McCoy, Abby Prokop, Emilio Santana, Debbie Sledziona, Libby Stanford, Amy Sutton, Elizabeth Wassynger, and Shannon Warnecke!



***blog post written by Claire Linney