Post and Courier Sponsors 103rd PGA Championship

As a proud sponsor, The Post and Courier had to opportunity to watch as history was made at the 103rd PGA Championship at The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Golf Resort.

Energy and excitement built as Phil Mickelson inched his way to his historic title. At 6-under par two-time champion Mickelson became the oldest major winner of the Wanamaker Trophy at the age of 50.

About The Ocean Course at The PGA

Post and Courier Advertisers at 17th hole, where Phil Mickleson secures his historic win.

The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Golf Resort is an American icon and named one of the most difficult and expensive courses to play in the nation. The scenic green runs adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, exposing players to the demanding and unpredictable ocean breeze.

Golf Digest ranked The Ocean Course as the #4 Public Golf Course in the United Sate and the 25th among the 100 greatest U.S. Golf Courses.

The course was designed by, Alice Dye, known as the “First Lady” of golf architecture in the United States. Alice was an American amateur golfer and golf designer.

The 17th Hole

As a sponsor of the 2021 PGA Championship, The Post and Courier and advertising partners had the opportunity to view the tournament direct from the top of the 17th hole.

Advertisers within this particular initiative not only showcased their business to the extensive Post and Courier audience but also had the option to attend in the PGA Championship. 

The elevated seating allowed for a panorama view of the green, pond, and serene ocean, as well as a barrier between the many alligators that made an appearance in that same pond adjacent to the 17th hole.

PGA Finale

You felt the excitement of a champion walking into the final day of the tournament. The crowd following Mickelson grew as the day went on. As he birdied at 17, at that moment fans rushed to watch that final shot with great anticipation.


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Original piece written by Post and Courier Events Coordinator Avery McIntosh.